If you play an instrument and you like Rush, then you'll want to play as them. They are an old school prog rock band, such as Yes, King Crimson and Genesis; with touches of hard rock. Enjoy!

Download Link: 1976 - 2112

Download Link: 1977 - A Farewell To Kings

Download Link: 1978 - Hemispheres

Download Link: 1978 - Permanent Waves

Download Link: 1981 - Moving Pictures

Blas Y Las Astrales

WARNING: Only download this album if you are in a REALLY REALLY WEIRD MOOD. Enjoy!

Dawn Landes

Almost country, almost folk. These "almost" make this album interesting. Dawn Landes gets into a country mood quite well even though she's "almost" everything. Enjoy!

Download Link: 2010 - Sweet Heart Rodeo

Massive Attack

Massive Attack is the father of trip-hop. They were so ahead of their time that similar bands, like Portishead, are incredibly dull in comparison. Prepare yourself for a dark hi-fi trip. Enjoy!

Download Link: 1991 - Blue Lines

Download Link: 1994 - Protection

Download Link: 1998 - Mezzanine

Download Link: 2003 - 100th Window

Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins is a very versatile band. They jump from the hardest grunge to the softest ballad. That speaks of their creativity and quality as musicians. They are an improved version of Placebo and Silverchair. Enjoy!